Tractos constitutes an art-technology creation platform which aim at creating tactile-sonorous-interactive maps of territories from the perspective of people living in these places. People who live on the mapped areas are encouraged to collect soundscapes in these localities and to drawn a personal cartography, building a collective and interactive creation. Tractos is a platform which makes use of accessible elements as the language of drawing, sound recording using mobile phones and smartphones, programming by blocs and controller boards Makey Makey, which major interest is to offer to inhabitants of differents regions the status of art-technology creators. In 2015, Tractos was performed in four bordering areas from São Paulo city, in Brazil, localities which develop distinct  urban characteristics due to the dispersion of the metropolis. São Paulo is the largest city in South America with 12 million inhabitants. Although this city is the financial capital of Brazil, São Paulo has great social inequality where the rich and well-structured center area contrasts with the more distant urban regions with serious problems of violence, sanitation, leisure facilities and public transport, among others problems. Often there is prejudice about these regions and on the people who live therein, which causes them to become invisible areas even for those who live there. Thus, maps created in Tractos  are a way to discuss these areas from the perspective of those who live in that territory, from the construction of their visual, sound and interactive representations. Tractos  seeks to discuss this perspective through creations that involve social cartography, soundscapes and the poetic representation of these places using digital technologies.

Tractos is a project coordinated by Soraya Braz and Fabio FON.

Borore Island map exhibition.

Embu das Artes map exhibition.

Itaquera map exhibition.

Grajau map exhibition.